Sticks and Stones - Released 2017

"But it’s Ellias’ living in multiple musical spheres that  has turned him into the unique player and composer that he surely is, clearly comfortable within and at the more sophisticated edges of the jazz tradition, but also imbued with compositional concepts that extend beyond its furthest reaches." -John Kelman, All About Jazz
CBC - One of the 10 outstanding Canadian jazz albums of 2017
John Kelman - One of (10 of) the best releases (world-wide) of 2017
Ottawa Citizen - One of the 10 best Canadian jazz albums of 2017 
SonnetEllias Copland Vedady
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Trekan - Released 2016

"Roddy Ellias is one of Canada’s legendary jazz guitarists but is also well established in the New Music scene. Striving for beauty Roddy embodies these two worlds in his playing and composing..."
"...What all three musicians share is a thrill of the search for something authentic and real."
"Roddy Ellias's new collection of 10 originals is a thing of beauty: evocative, bold, pretty, humorous, occasionally gritty, often challenging and always appealing." -Doug Fischer, Ottawa Citizen
"A work of pensive, folky beauty... four stars!" -Brad Farberman, DownBeat Magazine
"His creativity is so obvious, that it is at once both startling and inspiring..." -Steve Kinigstein, Just Jazz Guitar
Little OneRoddy Ellias Trio
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Monday's Dream - Released 2014

Bone DanceRoddy Ellias
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Oasis - Released 1999

"Ellias’s trademark syncretism of classical, jazz and non-Western musics, eloquently adapted to lyric storytelling, is here on full display." -Charles Geyer, La Scena Musicale

Sleeping Rough - Released 2018

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