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He is also a coach and guide who will help you discover and express your own unique musical personality. With more than fifty years of experience playing with the best in the world, Roddy has distilled everything he learned into an inspired and distinctive way of teaching. At its core, Roddy's philosophy embraces the belief that students learn best when they are guided to teach themselves, connecting their inner musical voices to techniques and approaches on the instrument.


Why not find out for yourself why so many students have described Roddy as the best and most influential teacher they've ever had? 

Book Single Lesson

Schedule one 60 minute virtual guitar lesson with Roddy Ellias. Study jazz guitar, improvisation, composition, and/or ear training.

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See Pricing Plans

Purchase a package of 2 or 4 virtual guitar lessons (30 or 60 minutes each) for the best value. 


Roddy is hands down the best guitar teacher I have had. He takes his student's progress seriously, puts his all into every lesson, and is one of the most knowledgable performers on the scene today. I only recommend two guitar teachers when people ask about who they should study with, and Roddy is number 1, every time. Do yourself and your musical passion a favor, take a lesson with Roddy. He'll change your life like he changed mine. 

- Matt Warnock, Guitar Teacher, Tuscon, AZ

I studied jazz with Roddy for two years and not only was he the right teacher, he gave me the most precious gift a teacher can give: the skills and the confidence to teach myself. His lessons go much deeper than scales, chords or licks, they teach you to listen, to play in the moment,  and to understand how music connects to everyday life. I am very happy that I met him during my journey as a musician.

Alessandro Totoro, guitarist, Birmingham, England

I was lucky to have Roddy as a teacher both during my first year of undergrad and also after I graduated. Roddy is an inspiring musician and teacher, not only because of his mastery of classical guitar, jazz guitar, and composition, but also in how he approaches teaching. As a teacher, he presents the material not in a didactic way, but in such a way that makes one eager to practice, eager to learn more, and to aim high, regardless of one's starting point. He also encourages his students to be creative, as well as fluent, in all aspects of their guitar playing.

- Amy Brandon, guitarist/composer, Truro, Nova Scotia

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